5 of the most creative signage solutions for your commercial property

11th March 2019

Inject your commercial property with style and colour by investing in signage. Commercial property can be anything from office buildings to retail space, but one factor remains the same; commercial properties represent the brands that they serve.

There are many ways in which you can use your commercial signage to express your brand creatively, our top 5 are: Outdoor Signage, Reception Signage, Window Glazing and Manifestations, Digital Displays and Wayfinding.


Outdoor Signage

The first thing that people see to indicate where your business is will be your outdoor signage. Outdoor signage can be anything from totem signage and signage that people will see on the approach to your premises.

Outdoor signage serves the practical purpose of alerting your customers, or staff, as to where you are – but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be creative.

Here at Leading Edge we believe there is opportunity for ingenuity in even seemingly routine signage, which is why we offer you an extensive choice of materials, and a bespoke design service should you need creative guidance.

Reception Signage

First impressions are important – this applies to your reception area too. A reception area not only identifies your business as who you are; it welcomes people to your premises, and to your brand.

Reception signage can be a fantastic opportunity to get creative with how you would like people to perceive you straight off the bat – are you purely professional with a sleek and clean style, or are you bold and adventurous, leading with creative prowess? Take your pick! Reception signage can convey all of this and more to your visitors.

There are no limits to the techniques – for instance flat cut letters and flex facing signage – and materials that you can use for your reception signage, and our specialists work alongside our clients from design to installation to ensure a superior effect.

Window Glazing and Manifestations

Often a missed opportunity, windows are a blank space on which to sweep your creative commercial brush with your brand and unique message.

Windows can be transformed using methods such as frosting, glazing and vision films with graphics that elevate your brand and add an extra dimension to your commercial property.

Creating window manifestations that communicate effective branding requires specialist design and installation; we’re industry experts at both designing graphics that delight and installing them to last.

Digital Displays

The future of commercial communication is the digital display; the champion of the forward thinker and beloved by tech-fluent youth. Digital displays are the perfect addition to any commercial environment that involves customer communications, for example on the high street or in hospitality.

Digital displays can range from interactive systems on which people can choose products or services for purchase, to purely visual displays that run marketing content to attract consumers.

In a world where people are constantly interacting with shifting messages and scrolling banners in their digital interactions, why not take a look at scrolling LED displays?

There are so many options out there to choose from; here at Leading Edge we offer every possible option and will guide you in choosing the digital display that is right for your business.


Don’t just give people directions; take them on a journey with creative wayfinding solutions.

Direct your visitors in new and interesting ways using a combination of clever design and a variety of materials.

If your business provides lighting solutions, why have an acrylic arrow if what you really want is a flashing neon arrow? If your business provides landscaping solutions, why not direct people using signage that looks like a grassy field, a well-kept rose garden or exotic Japanese plant?

Here at Leading Edge we can advise you on what materials and designs would best suit your business, and be with you from design to installation.


Ensuring that your commercial property stands out with signage that truly communicates your brand is important to help you stand out among the competition. Give your commercial property the Leading Edge with our creative signage solutions. To speak further about how we can help you with your commercial property signage requirements please contact a member of our team today.