A business with no sign is a sign of no business…

28th January 2018

Why do you need signage?

One of the easiest, and most inexpensive, forms of advertising is signage. Whether you’re opening a new shop, restaurant or salon then one of the first things on your mind will probably be signage. After all, how will anyone know who you are, or that you’re open for business, without a sign telling them?

External signage is one of the first things that will make customers want to step into your store and is an immediate reflection of your business. An old, crumbling sign might lead potential customers to believe your business, too, is old and behind the times. Whereas a vibrant, modern sign will reflect a contemporary, lively business.

It’s good to think of your signage as an investment. It’s not something you want to change often so it’s important to have strong signage that resembles your business perfectly and, ultimately, gets customers to stop and actually want to visit.

Already got your signage sorted?

Not a new business? Perhaps you’re happy with your external signage but want to spruce up things elsewhere? Whilst a permanent outdoor sign won’t change regularly, other forms of signage can. From A-boards to window signs, there are plenty of forms of signage that could be placed inside or outside to attract new customers or let regular ones know of new and upcoming offers/events. Here are a few tips:

– Make it clear. If you’re wanting to use signage to promote a new product, or a new offer, then make sure the sign clearly states that.

– Position properly. There’s no point promoting a product that’s on offer with a sign which isn’t placed near that particular product!

– Be creative. How can you ensure customers will actually stop and look at your signage?

Leading Edge can give a helping hand…

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