Digital Displays: The Future of Signage in 2019.

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From shop fronts to menu boards, digital signage is proliferate and to ignore the trend is to fall behind the times. Animation is more important than ever; people now spend their days being distracted by short-form videos, carousel images and boomerang snap shots of people lives and products sold through their social media channels. This ongoing stimulation has left the average person somewhat immune to the more subtle efforts of still images.

The increasing demand for digital signage hardware from sectors such as retail, hospitality, health and education has propelled advancement at a rapid rate. No longer in its infancy, digital signage has made leaps in the creative and technological world, allowing fresh opportunity for advertising innovation. An example of this can be seen with a recent ad campaign from McDonalds in Columbia that encouraged viewers to dance along with a dancing animation on a digital display.

Here at Leading Edge we deal predominantly with technology and hardware on the cusp of innovation such as: freestanding LED displays, digital wayfinding systems, interactive touch screens, outdoor digital billboards, LED menu boards, LED window displays and wall mounted LED displays.

So, what’s it all about?


Freestanding LED Displays:

Perfect for showing off products and services to your customer, these multi-functional displays can stand on their own or join with others in different locations. Here at Leading Edge we can also provide you with bespoke content and the know-how to continuously update your backgrounds, images, videos and more.


LED Window Displays:

LED window displays have changed the face of many an industry, but none so much as retail: models decked out in the latest fashions beckon people into shops whilst sleek phones rotate in mid-air, reflecting strips of dazzling light across their black screens at intrigued passers-by; these powerful calls to action could not be replicated with static posters and signs. With Ultra-High Brightness Monitors, these displays are specifically designed to retain high-quality images even in direct sunlight. The display can be updated instantly with a USB stick; this ease of use has ensured the LED window display a prominent place in the high-street and in shopping centres.


Digital Wayfinding Systems:

These interactive touchscreens are the ideal device to help people to find their way, and have been widely incorporated in shopping centres. Featuring edge to edge glass, tempered front and aluminium bezel, you are also able to provide people with information and messages while they use the device.


Interactive Touch Screens:

Touch screen interaction has become standard: phones, tablets and laptops have all incorporated this element into their design at different levels. Roll-out of touch-screen displays has been seen far and wide across both public and private industries; notably touch-screen menus in chain fast-food restaurants, and ticket collection booths throughout public transport services. At Leading Edge our touchscreens are top of the range, featuring a striking design and top-quality materials with an aluminium bezel and strong tempered glass. Installed with both Android and Windows operating systems, you are free to choose the best medium for you.


Outdoor Digital Billboards:

Made famous by the dramatic sight of the immense digital displays of Piccadilly Circus and Times Square, outdoor digital billboards are the outdoor advertising format of the modern age. With the ability to be scaled to huge sizes without sacrificing on image quality, outdoor digital billboards are long lasting and energy efficient to allow for a lifespan in excess of 100,000 hours.


LED Menu Boards:

LED menu boards allow you to display your menu in a crisp and visually stimulating format that will remain sharp in harsh light. You can update your menu instantly from a unique portal, making switching between breakfast and dinner short work.


Wall Mounted LED Displays:

Wall mounted digital screens can stand alone or be networked with others to create a larger display, perfect for advertising. Leading Edge also has the capability to produce bespoke content and usage tools so you can update your display with confidence and ease whenever you choose.

Staying relevant in the digital age is key to a successful business or organisation. Ensuring that you provide people with the same visual, interactive experience that they expect moment to moment in their daily lives, could be the difference between a person left entranced by your offering, or disinterested.


Give us a call today to find out more about how you could gain the Competitive Edge with digital signage!

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Bowling and ping pong at Roxy!

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We recently did the signage for Roxy Ball Rooms & Roxy Lanes in Leeds and decided to have a work get together there – and see the signs in action!

Roxy Lanes features ping pong tables whilst Roxy Ball Rooms, both part of the Jones Bar Group, has it’s very own boutique bowling alley. The perfect place for everyone to get together for a bit of team building, food, drink – and some competition!

Special shout out to Amanda, the star bowler, who put the rest of the guys to shame.

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Leading The Way

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We were very excited to be featured on the SignLink website, last week. Here’s the article in case you missed it….

“West Yorkshire sign-maker Leading Edge Creative is another company currently enjoying the buoyancy of the vehicle wraps market. Managing director Matthew Evans has cited the quality of the work the firm offers as well as the materials it uses as the main reasons behind its increasing success in this sector.

Staff at Leading Edge utilise technology from 3M to complete many of its vehicle wraps. Evans believes that having already established itself in the design and signage markets by using such technology, using such materials will only further enhance its presence in the vehicle wrapping sector.

Evans comments: “Rather than providing a prescriptive service, we offer our customers the best possible option in terms of creativity, whilst working within any budgetary constraints they may have.

“For example, for vehicle wraps, we find that 3M 1080 colour change wrapping film and 3M 50 Series frequently offers a particularly effective combination that gives us a flexible range of options. And all our fitters are 3M Authorised Vehicle Wrappers.”

As used by Leading Edge, 3M 1080 series is a long-term removable dual cast film that 3M says has been designed with sufficient rigidity to allow easy handling without the need for application tape. The product also features 3M’s Controltac Comply pres-sure-activated adhesive—which allows for repositioning—and boasts up to six years durability.

The 3M 50 series is a polymeric opaque film that offers a solution for a range of internal and external applications, including vehicle graphics. The manufacturer says it is suitable for application to flat and simple curves on painted, aluminium, acrylic, glass, and painted steel surfaces and comes with up to seven years durability.

One recent project that Leading Edge opted to use 3M material in was applying a colour change effect and graphics to a Mercedes Sprinter for a company supplying electrical services to the exhibition industry. The vehicle was wrapped in 3M 1080 gloss anthracite with text created in 3M 50 Series orange and white gloss, using a vector-based design.

In addition, Leading Edge used 3M 1080 and 3M 50 to create a partial wrap for ten vehicles that were wrapped for a fire company.

Evans continues: “Within the 3M range we find 1080 Series and 50 Series most suitable for vehicle wraps and the best products for purpose. They are easy to handle and give a superior finish.

“We use a range of 3M materials across all of our work, for their quality, reliability and durability. And we have developed a good reciprocal relationship with William Smith as our supplier. From the very beginning, when we started up, their service, advice and assistance has always been extremely helpful.”

It seems there are a range of different approaches you can take in order to make a success of yourself in the vehicle wraps industry. Whether it is the quality of the final product or the actual materials you use during the application process, there a number of ways in which you can stand out from and race ahead of the competition.”

See the rest of the article here

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A business with no sign is a sign of no business…

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Why do you need signage?

One of the easiest, and most inexpensive, forms of advertising is signage. Whether you’re opening a new shop, restaurant or salon then one of the first things on your mind will probably be signage. After all, how will anyone know who you are, or that you’re open for business, without a sign telling them?

External signage is one of the first things that will make customers want to step into your store and is an immediate reflection of your business. An old, crumbling sign might lead potential customers to believe your business, too, is old and behind the times. Whereas a vibrant, modern sign will reflect a contemporary, lively business.

It’s good to think of your signage as an investment. It’s not something you want to change often so it’s important to have strong signage that resembles your business perfectly and, ultimately, gets customers to stop and actually want to visit.

Already got your signage sorted?

Not a new business? Perhaps you’re happy with your external signage but want to spruce up things elsewhere? Whilst a permanent outdoor sign won’t change regularly, other forms of signage can. From A-boards to window signs, there are plenty of forms of signage that could be placed inside or outside to attract new customers or let regular ones know of new and upcoming offers/events. Here are a few tips:

– Make it clear. If you’re wanting to use signage to promote a new product, or a new offer, then make sure the sign clearly states that.

– Position properly. There’s no point promoting a product that’s on offer with a sign which isn’t placed near that particular product!

– Be creative. How can you ensure customers will actually stop and look at your signage?

Leading Edge can give a helping hand…

Give us a call today to discuss any signage needs you may have – no matter how big or small – we’re here to help!

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The Edge Expands

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Did you catch us on last week? An article all about the growth and expansion of Leading Edge. Read it here…

A creative design and display company, based in West Yorkshire, has doubled its staff to 40 after seeing a turnover increase by 133% to £3.5million this past year.

Located in Gomersal, Leading Edge – established seven years ago – is capitalizing on this growth with a Regional Growth Fund loan, which has enabled the company to purchase a state-of-the-art printer, new fabrication equipment and a five-vehicle addition to its installation fleet, bringing a total investment of £200,000 in the last six months.

Specializing in designing and producing display and graphics for retail, hospitality and construction industries, the team, led by founder and managing director Matthew Evans, reported a turnover of £1.5million in 2014 and has grown from a staff of four in 2008 to a 40-strong team today.

In 2015, the company recruited new fabricators, drivers, printers and fitters.

Boosting a deep list of clients including McDonalds, Card Factory, Soreen and tyre service ATS, Leading Edge and its growing team have achieved its widest ever national client base.

Matthew said: “From our West Yorkshire base, we are now independently delivering on contracts across the whole of the UK, including Northern Ireland.

“Our new super-wide printer produces graphics up to 3.2 metres wide and has a dual print facility which means we can produce more high impact, high quality artwork, faster than ever before.

“Retail contracts have to be delivered alongside other suppliers to strict deadlines which are created to minimise customer disruption. Our new facilities gives us greater flexibility and speed to meet these deadlines with our biggest ever team to fulfil on delivery and fitting.”

He added: “Our investment in new equipment continues our policy of keeping our services in house which continues full autonomy on every client project. It opens up new ways we can create vibrant and creative artwork for our clients and is helping us win previously out of reach contracts on a national scale.”

Article can be found here by Nick Hill on

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Why apprentices are giving us the edge

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Here at Leading Edge, we began employing apprentices just six months after the company was launched seven years ago and plan to continue investing in them in the near future.

Find out why apprentices are giving us the edge and get an insight into life at LE from apprentice Jake, pictured below, and other apprentices, in the full article featured on below…

[Article from]

West Yorkshire-based Leading Edge Signage is investing heavily in apprentices to support the growth of its expanding operation.

In the seven years since the company was launched, Leading Edge has grown from four to 40 staff and began employing apprentices after just six months in business. Managing Director Matthew Evans has pledged that, for the team which specialises in designing and producing display and graphics for retail, hospitality, leisure and the food retail industries, 10% of the growing workforce will be made up of apprentices over the next five years.

Installation Manager Joe Addison (22) joined the company in 2009 as an apprentice sign maker. Winning Apprentice of the Year in 2010, Joe qualified in 2011 and now leads a team of 10 people on a multi-million pound UK retail graphics contract.

“Leading Edge took a risk taking me on when the company had just four employees back in 2008. The team’s confidence in me means I’ve grown with the business and worked across the expanding operation in metal fabrication, the print studio and in vehicle wrapping.

“Since qualifying I’ve been promoted four times and there’s still so much opportunity to progress. Ours is a fast moving industry and our projects and contracts are so diverse, there’s no better place to get the experience and learn the expertise needed to be the best you can be.”

Recently qualified apprentice and fitter Joe Bowman had his sights on teaching sports until an interview with Leading Edge Signage Managing Director Matthew Evans led to a two year apprenticeship. Meanwhile 19-year-old Jake Render is half way through his three-year fabrication and welding apprenticeship, studying his NVQ Level 2 in Engineering Operations at Bradford College.

Jake said: “I started working life in a warehouse but realised I wanted to expand my skills into something more challenging. Learning on the job means I’m picking up the skills far quicker and I’m getting the sort of experience that will help me progress further in the company.”

Managing Director of the Gomersal-based company Matthew Evans said the company’s growth strategy is steeped in bringing new talent into the business and a further two apprentices will be appointed this year.

“As a business, we are committed to developing the next generation of designers, sign makers and fitters because this is a skilled industry that continues to develop and challenge. Our future lies in the hands of the current and the future generations of young people and we’re looking forward to continued growth, not only in the business but also in the apprentices we employ.”

Full article found here

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Squidgy-look shelving installed at Soreen HQ…

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We’re in love with our squidgy-look shelving systems and so are nice folk down at Soreen!

This is the 3rd custom built shelving system commissioned in our fabulous squidgy-look style and it always goes down a treat with our client.

The shelves are CNC machined MDF with pencil edging. The standing structure is made from a solid timber framework which is then wrapped with furniture standard flexible board to give it it’s curvy shape.

Everything is then primed and wet painted which gives a better finish that standard powder coating.

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