Display Graphics - McDonalds

Leading Edge was commissioned by McDonald’s to create display graphics for walls on its premises in 2014. This was done after an intense round of tendering and preliminary projects.

Project Information

Working in tandem with a designated Construction and Design team from McDonalds, Leading Edge devised many viable installation processes using materials that ensured sustainability, longevity and most of all, immense vibrancy.

This project is now in place in over 500 restaurants while Leading Edge is continually exploring new avenues to evolve and accentuate the ambiance and customer experience of even more outlets. Franchisees and workers are an integral part of the project.

The development process includes selections from a range of printed graphics. These involve mindful devising after careful consideration of the local demographic. During this phase, fabric-backed graphics designed on canvases are printed. Leading Edge’s cutting edge large-scale printers are used to get the best results and then the design is tested on pre-installed walls, which are themselves designed to represent the overall re-imaging of each restaurant.

Project Details

Project Date
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Interior Design

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