Kids and Grown-Ups Love It So - Haribo

‘Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo’.

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This slogan enunciates all that Haribo stands for and all that Leading Edge delivers to it. This client receives the complete package of Leading Edge’s services including thorough consultation, designing, construction and installing for all retail stores across the UK.

Working alongside a designated architect, Leading Edge’s teams of CAD and manual designers created a line of made-to-order furniture, graphic presentations and signs to exemplify the frolic of Haribo to everyone.

CNC timber-based furniture topped off with some appealing paint is used for hosing the product.

Perimeters of the store are complete through aluminium-fabricated header panels with specialised curvature and custom design LED lights along with Matte lamination prints.

Central to the store décor is the display cabinet made in the shape of a bear, which offers complete shelving and is backlit with acrylic-based LED branding.

Lightboxes have been used to reinforce the brand value and feature idyllic representations of popular products. Simultaneously, on the building’s exterior, there is a custom-made, highlighted signage which has been made on an aluminium tray and crowns some printed window graphics as well as a print representation of the popular Haribo bear.

Leading Edge is still heavily engaged in providing solutions to the client with regard to store location sourcing, local consideration-based marketing as well as outlet inauguration drives.

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