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With over 900 retail outlets, Card Factory is the biggest retailer of cards in the United Kingdom.

Project Information

In 2009, it hired Leading Edge through its Store Planning team to contribute to its expansive UK High-Street plans. This strategy has remained in place for nearly a decade now.

Comprised mostly of town centre locations, the displays feature a metal-based signage painted in acrylic to enhance its contrast with the dark blue/yellow scheme of the brand name. The rapid pan-national implementation is due to Leading Edge’s dedicated team, which travels throughout the country to work on these installations.

Recently, Card Factory has been making inroads into prominent retail park locations where the need is for bigger, flex faced signs. These kinds of signage require printing and fabrication to ideally complement the aluminium framework. The visual allure is enhanced with magnified LED modules with IP ratings. To balance between luminosity and power use, specialised software is utilised before the installation is completed.

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