Case Study – Card Factory 2

Leading Edge’s long-time client Card Factory recently moved into a new office space. To give this new establishment a contemporary appeal, it held an open canvas to assimilate the best ideas from associates and create a new core value-based visual representation.

One of the biggest contributors to the final outcome of this endeavour was the suite of innovative concepts developed by Leading Edge. Thanks to the dedicated design team, the company was able to implement a previously absent marvellous and vibrant décor.

Another highlight of this new office was installations showing Card Factory’s evolution as a business. These impressive and engaging displays developed by company founder Dean Hoyle and his wife Janet, in tandem with a dedicated team. They installed these displays in the atrium and other designated places like orientation and training areas.

Particular departments were also given a sprucing-up with quirky graphic representations and encouraging messages, while common areas like the lounge and cafeteria were imparted a level-headed dose of optimism.

All graphics installed here were inducted into the floor plans. They were 3d rendered using specialized software to provide an overview of the final product. On the building’s outside, laser cutting was used along with stainless steel alphabets lit up with halos. This was further complemented by direction signs and welcome totems to impress visitors.

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