Leading Edge Haribo Store Fit Out – Case Study

24th May 2019

The team at Leading Edge understand that to create an impression upon shoppers, your retail signage and displays need to be high-quality and impactful. Here at Leading Edge our expert design and fabrication team work alongside you every step of the way to deliver a shop fit-out that helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Leading Edge’s sister company, commercial fit out specialist SIM, have recently been working alongside Haribo to deliver quality end-to-end retail fit outs for their nationwide stores including joinery, electrical, flooring and finished with signage display. The last project undertaken with Haribo was in February 2019.

Leading Edge worked alongside Haribo throughout the process starting with a consultation followed by design, construction and installation. At Leading Edge the service is entirely in-house and there is no need to outsource anything, making the process as seamless and easy to manage as possible.


The Leading Edge team created bespoke, decorative formed full colour perimeter display header panels, alongside signage above the sweet stands to illustrate product families for easier identification and shopper convenience.

3D lettering was used throughout the interior of the store as well as on the exterior sign. 3D lettering is a perfect way to grab attention due to its bold look.

3D letters require specialist skills to create; Leading Edge has expert fabricators that have both the equipment and experience to create MDF, metal or tough plastic 3D letters to whatever size and composition required. It is also possible to illuminate 3D letters with either face lit or halo lighting, our expert team can advise on which is suitable for your requirements.

The Haribo fit-out also included boards which were fitted with LED lighting to illuminate and bring vibrancy to the colourful displays. Lighting up your displays is particularly important when attracting the attention of passers-by and making an impression on your shoppers. Leading Edge specially sources their LED lighting to be bright yet low energy, saving on cost.

To bring the signature Haribo playfulness to life, Leading Edge manufactured a CNC cut printed life-size version of the iconic Haribo bear to welcome customers into the store through the window display. Window graphics are often recommended as an opportunity to show off your corporate branding, or as an alternative to a singular large sign.

The bear shape was further incorporated inside the store through the creation of a recessed product display unit. The display was illuminated with solid LED branding and finished with shelving.

Digital TV displays were installed behind the counter, finished with MDF fascia and emotion graphics to allow for animated branding to support the Haribo customer experience.

To light the store, Leading Edge installed ceiling light rafts, halo and face illuminated lighting on the ceiling light rafts. This combination ensured that the store was bright, and products lit flatteringly.

Leading Edge continues to work with Haribo and other retailers on their store fit-outs across the country, assisting with everything from design to installation. To speak further about how Leading Edge can help you with your retail fit-out requirements please contact a member of the team today.