Safety Manifestations

If you’ve already redesigned your interior and exterior walls with the right kinds of signage you might feel that you can’t make any more impact with your current premises.

Manifestation is a new technology that transforms your windows into areas that create an unbelievable amount of interest. Instead of screen printing or sandblasting, manifestation involves the application of special films to create the effect you want.

You can choose from show-stopping visual effects to a range of more commonplace types of manifestation films, including reflective, coloured or branded. These can transform interior spaces and create privacy or simply add decoration.

The addition of safety manifestation film allows markings to be added to make sure your business is compliant with all regulations. This means you won’t be breaching any health and safety directives and are providing a comfortable space for employees and visitors alike. Leading edge can help you with safety manifestation film, ring us today to find out more.

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