Window Frosting

You don’t need to have bold and bright colours to create graphics that add interest, the subtle use of techniques such as window frosting can be just as effective.

Rather than add exterior signage, window frosting uses your existing panes to convey a message, add decoration or simply enhance your corporate branding. Leading Edge can help you with whatever you need, with designs created to suit you.

Using etching techniques to add your design, window frosting can be as large or as small as you want and can be used in a variety of settings. For meeting rooms and internal spaces, window frosting can provide a degree of privacy without blocking out the light entirely. Used in this way, you can reconfigure the dynamics of your workplace without the expense of rebuilding.

Window frosting can also be invaluable when used to convey vital information or markings required for compliance with health and safety.

Whether it’s decorative, informative or functional, window frosting could be a real asset for your workplace today.

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