Corporate and Office

Although it’s important for your premises to look good from the outside, the same clear branding and corporate identity should continue inside too. Signage doesn’t need to stop with the plaque over the door; there should be lots of other areas which are signed inside too.

The reception is a key area for office signage for purposes of identification for visitors as well as providing information about the building. Office signage here could also be wayfinding, providing directional information to point visitors to the right place.

Past the reception area, there are lots of ways in which office signage could be used. Around the office to convey information and also reinforce the brand image, or to provide further directional signposting.

Office signage can be made from lots of different materials including canvas, metal and plastic and could also be window etched too.
At Leading Edge, we are happy to help with suggestions about what might fit in with your image and branding; simply send us a photo of your office and we’ll be in touch.

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