LED Billboards

A message which is moving across the screen is almost guaranteed to attract the attention of any passers-by, so why not harness the power of instant publicity with scrolling LED displays?

This type of signage is extremely popular because of the impact it makes and the versatility.

With scrolling LEDs, you aren’t confined to a single message that’s the same day after day. You can even change your message multiple times in a single day if you prefer. No other type of signage offers the same unique combination of eye-catching attention and flexibility.

We have a variety of scrolling LED designs that can meet your needs and are suitable for either interior or exterior use. Sunlight doesn’t have to preclude the use of LEDs and they can be used in all kinds of settings to great effect.

Contact one of our consultants today to find out about the different types of scrolling LEDs that we could supply for you.

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