Meeting Room

Signage in meeting rooms is an essential part of any corporate branding, both to provide information as well as for decorative purposes.

Meeting room signage may be simply there to convey your name, logo and essential styling to any visitors, but it can also be used for way finding services too.

Meeting room signage may be made from acrylic, canvas or metal, or could even be window etch. The exact design of the signage will depend on the purpose, your branding and your budget.

Canvas signs are perfect for businesses which aim to project a more relaxed feel while fabricated metal lettering provides a more clinical image.

Wayfinding signs for meeting rooms can be useful in conference centres and hotels too, helping to point visitors in the right direction and relaying which rooms are available.

Create the meeting room signage that meets your brand requirements with assistance from our expert team. Call for a chat with one of our consultants today to hear more.

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