Fabric Graphic Displays

Here at Leading Edge we provide displays that suit all budgets and are suitable for all settings, and fabric graphic displays are a popular choice.

Fabric graphics are a lightweight choice and can be very economical compared to some of the heavier options we have to offer.

As well as being easy on your budget, fabric graphics can be more suitable for temporary displays or those which need to be moved around. Banners, pull-up and pop-up displays are all examples of where fabric graphics would work perfectly.

Some companies opt to use fabric graphics as a more permanent display too as they’re ideal for conveying a more relaxed, casual feel compared to the clinical look of metal.

However you choose to use your fabric graphic displays, our team of professionals can help you to design the look you want, working with you from the start to create the perfect branding for your business. If you’ve already got some sketches, we can work from those instead, bringing your own vision to life.

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