Bespoke Stands

When you attend an exhibition, you’ll typically be provided with something known as a shell scheme. This means that you have the same basic set-up as all the other exhibitors.

The problem with this is that you want to stand out and when you have exactly the same appearance, it’s hard to show just how unique you are. Leading Edge have worked at events and exhibitions for many years and have a range of solutions which can transform your shell space into something which is entirely individual.

One option is the inclusion of bespoke build exhibition stands, a high-quality choice which will set you apart from the crowds. This solution is durable enough to last for many years and will be easy to install and take apart making it suitable for future exhibitions too.

Built to your own specifications our bespoke build stand can be designed exactly how you want, and we’ll work closely with your team to make sure we capture the essence of your brand.

If you want to offer something different and get the most out of events, talk to us today about commissioning a bespoke stand.

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