Vehicle Colour Change

There may be times when you want to change the colour of a vehicle but having it resprayed can be a laborious and expensive job. This is particularly the case where there’s a number of different cars which need to be changed.

If you run a fleet of vehicles, you may want them all to be the same colour, helping to create consistency across your brand. You could buy the vehicles in all the same colour, but there’s various reasons why this may not always be possible.

An alternative to a respray is a vehicle colour change undertaken using wrapping, rather than paint. There are lots of advantages to this, including the ability to get the job done quickly, at a lower cost and with less time off the road too. In any business, a vehicle out of operation means lost revenue and wrapping helps to minimise this.

The other advantage to vehicle wrapping is that even when used in the longer term, it’s very easy to reverse the change, returning the vehicle to its original colour without any damage to the paintwork underneath.

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