Billboard Printing

Billboards offer the perfect way to get your message seen by as many people as possible: big, eye-catching and bright, they command attention.

Billboards are often placed in prime locations to get the maximum number of views, which might be close to traffic lights to reach the captive audience of drivers, or in a site where there’s a high footfall.

Many kinds of campaigns in all different industries have used billboard posters to great effect over the years, so it’s a tried and trusted method to utilise.

At Leading Edge, we have wide format printers which can produce images up to three metres wide, perfect for creating a large and eye-catching poster.

We have our own team of professional in-house designers and can help you with the whole process from beginning to end or can simply provide printing services if you already have your own images ready. Give us a call today and find out how we could help you with billboard printing.

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