Modular Displays

Having a bespoke build stand for one exhibition is a real luxury and can set you apart from the competition but for many companies it’s a luxury that they simply can’t afford.

A bespoke solution comes with the highest quality finish but there’s a large amount of work along the way which takes both time and money.

An alternative solution is modular displays, a way of standing out from the crowds at events without having anything too cumbersome.

Modular displays have the advantage of being particularly easy to dissemble and transport, making them easy to move from one location to another without damage. Modular displays can be used for events and exhibitions but also in the office too, making them a very versatile piece of equipment.

Leading Edge offer a range of modular displays which are compatible with a wide variety of other types of signage and graphics, helping your company to create exactly the look they want, with the minimum of effort.

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