Health & Safety Signage

Whether you own retail premises, a warehouse or some other kind of workplace, you have a legal obligation to make sure any potential hazards are clearly marked.

Protecting the health and safety of yourself, employees and any customers should be a priority and signage can be a simple way to achieve this.

Leading Edge offer a wide range of health and safety signage that are suitable for all kinds of settings.

Health and safety signage may need to be erected both indoors and outdoors, such as around construction sites. Our signage comes in a range of finishes and materials, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Unlike other types of signage, there are specific colours assigned to different types of health and safety signs. For example, red signs are used when there’s a prohibitive action such as “no entry” while yellow signs are used to warn of a hazard such as a caution for hot water.

The UK Health and Safety Executive take the absence of proper signage very seriously so don’t risk getting caught out. Our team can create whatever health and safety signage you require to your exact specifications. Give us a call today for a discussion about what you need.

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