Projecting Signage

If you want your premises to catch the eye from all directions, projecting signs can be an excellent choice.

Leading Edge offer a range of different design options for projecting signs that could help your shop make a real impact.

Projecting signs are perfect for a retail environment, capturing the attention of passers-by approaching from the side, as they walk along the pavement. This compares to traditional shopfront signage which only becomes truly visible face-on. This can maximize your reach and be a very cost-effective form of marketing.

There are lots of options to consider for projecting signs, such as shape, colour and size. You can also choose to have it illuminated with LED lighting, an economical choice which can really elevate signage of all types.

We can make projecting signs to your exact specification which are compatible with the right kind of fitting or wall bracket. Give our team a call today to discuss projecting signs for your premises.

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