Whether you’ve got a construction site or a property development, there are lots of marketing opportunities that shouldn’t be missed.

Site marketing boards placed strategically cannot just mask an untidy area but can also garner interest in your project from passersby.

Signage is a valuable tool on every site and can be used to market your project to the public from the very start. Keep your signage updated to create fresh interest and show that the project is moving along, and you could find there’s a real return on your investment.

Hoardings are one way to use site marketing boards, providing protection from dangerous areas as well as advertising in advance. Other options could include freestanding boards placed in prime position for maximum visibility, or signage hung higher up on buildings. This is particularly effective for property development projects.

Leading Edge can help you with all your site marketing boards, with printing completed in-house for the quickest turnaround. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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